Active Women Project


Increasing the participation of young women in sport


What is the Active Women Project?

The Active Women Project, in partnership with StreetGames and the Active Women Consortium, aims to increase the sports participation of young women aged 16-25 from disadvantaged areas. Access Sport are working with 10 inner city sports clubs in disadvantaged areas of East London and Bristol to help them attract more young women to their sessions.  We support these clubs with intensive development advice and assistance, cash for training new coaches or buying new equipment and put them in touch with relevant community groups.  The Active Women project is working with clubs in sports as diverse as cycling, street dance, contemporary dance, volleyball, aerobics, football and netball.


In 2012-2013

  • More young women were engaged bringing the total to more than 2000 over the life of the project
  • 288 regular attenders were added giving a total of 560 for the project
  • 24 new coaches have been recruited to help improve young womens' experience of sports clubs and activity giving a total of 42 for the project
  • 31 new regular volunteers (making a total of 45 for the project) were added, increasing the capacity of the clubs
  • 54 events and taster sessions (75 for the project in total) have allowed young women to try a wide and diverse range of activities



  • 'Us Girls' Network (contributors through the Active Women project), National Lottery Award, Best Sports Project, 2013


Why are we running this project?

The need for this project was highlighted with the announcement of the Active People data by Sport England, showing a drop off of over 80,000 women last year alone. This fuelled the creation of the Active Women Consortium, a nationwide initiative delivered by 64 partner organisations, which aims to recruit 30,000 more young women into sports clubs over the next three years.


For further information or if you have any questions please contact Becca Owen Active Women Development Manager on 07977036519 or via email at

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