BMX Legacy Programme


Ensuring an Olympic legacy in cycling for London's young people


What is the BMX Legacy Project?

Access Sport’s BMX Legacy Programme was launched in February 2011 to create a thriving youth cycling scene in London. Starting from a zero baseline Access Sport used its unique model of club development to build an award winning project, engaging over 5,000 people and creating 5 new BMX clubs and tracks around the Olympic VeloPark in Stratford.

In March 2014 Access Sport launched phase 2 of the BMX Legacy Programme, expanding the work into 15 London boroughs, developing 16 community cycling clubs and by 2016 will reach over 17,000 people. Visit for more information


Why BMX?

In contrast to the overall cycling boom, cycling is actually in decline amongst young people, with the increase in participation dominated by males aged over 35. We believe that the current cycling offer for young people is not exciting, engaging or sufficiently diverse for a young audience. BMX is a successful Olympic sport that has a unique ‘urban’ appeal to young people and provides an excellent first step into a lifetime of cycling.

The BMX Legacy Programme is generating a thriving London BMX scene, creating new clubs, new tracks, new competitions and a new online community that we believe has the potential to put London on a path to become a world-leading youth cycling city.


What the BMX Legacy Programme achieved to date?

Headline numbers:

  • 15 London boroughs
  • 12 new community BMX cycling clubs
  • 10 new community BMX tracks
  • 72 new coaches trained
  • 167 volunteers engaged
  • 43,000 visits to
  • Over 200 schools and community groups involved
  • 23 London boroughs participating in London Youth Games BMX


Ambassadors & Supporters

  • Sir Chris Hoy
  • Shanaze Reade
  • Liam Phillips
  • Bob Haro
  • Tre Whyte
  • Quillan Isadore



QIsadoreQuillan Isadore

World Junior BMX Champion

“My coach at Peckham BMX has been the most influential figure in my life. BMX has kept me focussed and away from the trouble that many people my age find themselves in. It has taught me self-discipline, to never to give up and always to strive to do my best at all times. I am 100% behind the BMX Legacy Project”




Tre Whyte

British Cycling GB Academy Athlete

“BMX has been a hugely positive influence in my life. Many people in Peckham are involved in drugs and crime but Peckham BMX club taught me the discipline and ambition to rise above that. I am delighted that you plan to build more BMX clubs and tracks around London as part of the  BMX Legacy Project”



Access Sport is always looking for people that want to get involved in our award-winning project. Whether that is helping one of the club’s with a website, volunteering at the sessions or being paid as a qualified BMX coach or bike maintenance tutor there is a place for everyone and we’d love to hear from you.

Please call 020 7993 9883 or email if you’d like to find out more. For the latest information about BMX in London or to view all our clubs, check out the newly launched London BMX website at


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