Welcome to the Access Sport fundraising pages. From here you will be able to navigate to the various events that we offer, some useful fundraising resources, our donations page and our fundraising news.

Access Sport rely on your help to deliver the funds that enable community sports clubs and local kids to connect. There are numerous ways you can help us deliver long term engagement in sport, whether you be a corporation, a volunteer,  a local sports club or  an individual making a donation.

Follow the links below to see what fundraising events we currently have or get in touch if you want to discuss anything that you may be planning, or 020 7993 9883.


You can also help support Acccess Sport by clicking the links to the left, or by making a direct donation.





Josh Lewsey“Supporting community clubs and the ability for young people to get involved in sport is vitally important on so many different levels"

Josh Lewsey, Access Sport Ambassador

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