Waltham Forest BMX track opens to the public












On Saturday, August 11th, a new BMX track in Waltham Forest will open to the public.  The official launch event will be held at the Cheney Row Open Space (E17 5ED) from 2pm-7pm, and everyone is invited to attend.

In association with the East London Bicycle Organisation (ELBO), this track is part of Access Sport’s BMX Legacy Project, voted Project of the Year at the PRO-ACTIVE London Awards.  Inspired by the 2012 Olympic Games, the BMX Legacy Project has supported the establishment of five new community-focused BMX clubs and tracks in the Olympic host boroughs. 

Building on the idea of Olympic legacy, Access Sport strives to create sustainability and youth development through sport and community interaction.  With the Olympic BMX events scheduled this week, the sport is expected to gain immense popularity after the Games.  For Access Sport and different community BMX clubs around London, this will be crucial in the attempt to “inspire a generation,” creating a lasting impression on young people looking to be involved with sport.

In the words of Simon Hall, ELBO Club Leader and BMX Coach, “I’m delighted that we finally have a BMX track in Waltham Forest to be proud of…Our club will give young people round here a chance to try a sport that has given so much to me and I hope will give as much to them.”

Anyone interested in learning more about BMX is encouraged to attend the official track launch on Saturday.  Along with an afternoon of riding and racing, there will be food, music, and plenty of fun for the entire family.

After the launch event, the Cheney Row BMX track will be open to the community, free of charge, and ELBO will host weekly BMX coaching sessions for anyone looking to gain more experience.  For further details, please refer to the club’s Facebook page by visiting https://www.facebook.com/ELBOCC.


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