Our Projects

We are now working in London, Bristol, Manchester and Oxford with our 3 core Programmes, each with a focus on giving more young people from disadvantaged areas access to sport:


Change Your Game Programme

The Change Your Game Programme encompasses a number of Projects which all work to empower hard to reach, 'at risk' and disadvantaged young people through sport. Youth development is a central focus of the Programme and so with expert help of the Change Your Game team, local community clubs are developed to offer more than sport... With training ,workshops and employment opportunities established, positive pathways are being created in communities with the greatest need.


BMX Legacy Programme

The BMX Legacy Programme which started in the 5 Olympic host boroughs is now in it's second phase, creating a positive and exciting youth cycling legacy in London! With the growth of the Programe geographically, it is also developing through creating opportunities for the wider community with a range of inclusive sessions for the disabled community. Currently developing 16 BMX clubs in 15 London host boroughs, the Programme is well on its way to making the exciting sport of cycling accessible to young people across the capital!


Ignite Programme

Creating a positive sporting legacy for disabled children and young people! The Ignite Programme works to upskill community clubs and volunteers with the tools, knowledge and support necessary to ensure disabled young people are welcomed into community sport so that they can enjoy it's many benefits! From beginning in London, the Programme is now helping the voices of the diabled community be heard in London, Bristol and Manchester! 

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