Earlier this year, Caldicott School in South Buckinghamshire kindly contacted us about arranging a Charity Football Tournament in aid of Access Sport. The boys attending Caldicott enjoy a wide range of sport and they wanted to give back to other children and young people who may not have access to the same opportunities that they do. 

The tournament took place on the 24th of February with 16 teams from 5th and 6th form competing as well as a 'Dad's' match at the end - which included an appearance from ex-English Rugby player Will Greenwood!


The boys did an incredible job fundraising for the event with one student, Max, setting up his own page adding a cool £140.50 to the school's total fundraising which is currently at an amazing £1779.50! 

On top of this, the boys generously donated 60 cricket bats which are on their way to our clubs in Bristol and will be incredibly gratefully received by the community clubs that we support and the young participants who will no doubt enjoy many many hours of cricket using them.


The amazing fundraising by all of the boys, teachers and parents at Caldicott will make a really important difference to the lives of many more children and young people, giving them the opportunity to experience, enjoy and benefit from the profound power of sport. 

Thank you Caldicott!