Access Sport is delighted to announce the creation of the Angus Irvine Playing Fields Fund, formed by the merger into Access Sport of the charity formerly known as The Playing Fields Legacy Fund.

The Playing Fields Legacy Fund was a charity established by the late Angus Irvine in 2012, prompted by what he felt was a failure of the 2012 London Olympics to provide the promised legacy for grass-roots sport. 
Over a period of 5 years the charity, led by Angus, raised hundreds of thousands of pounds and invested the funds into vital facilities for scores of local sports clubs.

Fundamental to the way Angus ran the fund was a passion for maximising resources for grass-roots sport, helping volunteers develop community sports facilities and enabling team-sports to reach many more deprived young people who might otherwise be attracted by gangs or anti-social behaviour.
Sadly, Angus passed away in 2015 but since his death the work has continued, led by the committed trustees of the charity and by his children and grand-children.

In order to fully capitalise on what Angus achieved, in 2018 the trustees decided to join forces with Access Sport and form a new fund, through which Access Sport will act as custodian of Angus's legacy for the long-term - ensuring the remaining funds reach the projects that need them the most and working with Angus's children and grandchildren to continue the remarkable fundraising that Angus started.