Access Sport works closely with trust and foundation grant-makers and private philanthropists to deliver high-impact projects with measurable outcomes.

Here are some of the many ways we can target funding received from our philanthropy partners:

  • Geographic – we can allocate grants right to the heart of deprived communities in London, Bristol, Manchester and Oxford. We can identify specific boroughs and wards in which to work with sports clubs and match donations to specific outcomes in those locations.

  • Capital and equipment funding – we can allocate capital funding grants towards the costs of building new BMX tracks and we can also use capital expenditure to pay for equipment such as bicycles and inclusive equipment for disabled people such as race-runners or adapted hockey sticks.

  • Unlocking grants – several of our major projects have core match-funding arrangements with the public sector or lottery – private grants can match-fund and enable us to unlock and draw-these down, effectively doubling and sometimes tripling the value of your grant.

  • Staff posts – some of our philanthropy partners choose to fund club development posts, staff members who transfer our knowledge and learning down to volunteers in local communities – this is a highly effective way to reach thousands of beneficiaries.

  • Sport-specific – we are a multi-sport organisation working to develop clubs in a wide range of sports and funders can choose to support us by sport if desired. At present we are particularly seeking growth funding in the sports of cycling, hockey and boccia but we are also highly active with football, boxing, multi-sport/athletics and tennis.

  • Audience-specific – we run specific programmes and projects tailored to reach young disabled people and young women and girls – each of which can be discretely funded by trusts or philanthropists focussed on these areas.


Other funding needs we have, regarding which we would be very keen to speak to interested philanthropists, include:

Youth Development funding – helping us provide longer-term personal development pathways for our beneficiaries, using sport and volunteering to improve routes back into education or into employment

Young Leader funding – helping us develop young participants into real leaders in their local communities

Monitoring and evaluation systems – we seek to continually improve our M&E and funding to invest in further system development or external evaluation is always welcome


Whatever the focus of our partnership we will agree with you the target outcomes you would like your funding to achieve and report back to you on a regular basis as to progress.


If you represent a grant-giving trust or have a private philanthropic budget we would love to talk to you. Please contact Julia Wright: 
[email protected]
0207 993 9883