Women & Girls Project Update

Happy International Women's Day!

We're delighted to share with you our latest quarterly report produced for Greater London Authority, demonstrating the progress made to engage, retain and inspire women and girls to take part in physical activity.


An Overview of the BMX Legacy Programme

Access Sport's BMX Legacy Programme is a multi-award winning programme that was launched in Febraury 2011 to create a thriving youth cycling scene in London. The programme is achieving this by creating community clubs, new tracks, new coaches, new volunteers, new competitions and delivering directly to community partners such as schools, pupil referral units and disabled people's organisations.

We believe the programme has the potential to expand to new UK cities and put London on a path to become a world-leading youth cycling city.

Why the BMX Legacy Programme exists

The BMX Legacy Programme exists because we believe that cycling is a key life skill and a uniquely powerful sport that is not yet being harnessed to the best of its ability.

The huge, growing cost of inactivity and obesity means sports like cycling that can effectively engage inactive people are increasingly important.

However, in contrast to the "cycling boom" and large, growing investment in cycling infrastructure in recent years, Sport England's Active People Survey and TfL statistics show a long-term decline in youth, female, BME and disadvantaged participation in cycling.

The unique selling point of the Programme

We believe that BMX has a unique role to play in achieveing equality, diversity and inclusion in cycling.

BMX attracts young people to cycling for the thrill and its cool factor but it is suitable for all ages and abilities. BMX is a safe, fun, off-road form of cycling that is a fantastic tool to help people learn to ride a bike, to become more confident and to enjoy it, kick-starting a lifelong love of cycling that leads to cycling for sport, recreation and travel.


Key Partners of the BMX Legacy Programme

Access Sport's BMX Legacy Programme has many valued and influential partners that help to make the programme a success, including:

  • Sport England
  • British Cycling
  • Greater London Authority
  • William Wates Memorial Trust

...and many more including housing associations and London Borough Councils.

To find out more about BMX in London, check out the LondonBMX website.