Following on from the success of London’s BMX Legacy Programme (over 17,000 young people taking part to date), the BMX Legacy Programme has now been launched in Bristol, building on the strengths of Bristol as a unique and growing cycling city. The aim is to achieve five brand new community BMX tracks and clubs, newly skilled coaches and volunteers for each track, new city-wide competitions and deliver BMX specific sessions directly into schools, pupil referral units, and SEN schools.

This programme has the ability to expand cycling and BMX in Bristol.

Why BMX?

Cycling is important as it has the ability to be part of day to day life, improving health and fitness (tackling inactivity and obesity specifically) as well as delivering environmental and social improvements to whole communities.

BMX specifically has a distinct appeal to young people, but it is a sport that is suitable for all ages and abilities. It is a brilliant way for people to learn to ride a bike, to become more confident and to learn new and exciting skills.

Five new BMX tracks

The five sites are to be situated in communities in Bristol that have the greatest need. The first two out of the five sites have been confirmed as Lawrence Weston and Hillfields.

The site in Lawrence Weston will be a renovation of the current L’Dub track to a regional standard competition BMX track. At the second site in Hillfields, a new BMX track will be built in the location of the existing pump track behind Hillfields Youth Centre.

Three-year programme
  • Introduce 5,000 disabled and disadvantaged young people across Bristol to BMX Cycling
  • Train 30 new coaches and recruit 30 local volunteers, leaving behind fully sustainable community clubs
  • Each BMX track and club will have be equipped with all the necessary equipment (bikes, helmets etc)

Initiatives coming to Bristol

Inclusive BMX for someone with a disability, impairment and/or additional needs. The movement started in 2015 by Access Sport, ensuring disabled people have access to quality local BMX. There are eight clubs and counting across England, with this expanding to Bristol.

A female fitness programme based around BMX, for women and girls of all ages and abilities. These social sessions are great to gain confidence on a bike, providing a life skill, all whilst getting fit. Due to their success across London these sessions will be included in BMX Bristol.

Having a regional standard track in Lawrence Weston is really exciting. This track will inspire young people from the area to get on their bikes, take part in BMX and to compete at a good level. The track will be able to hold local competitions with other BMX clubs, giving young people the opportunity to socialise and thrive. 
- Tre Whyte, National BMX Champion, 2014 World Bronze Medallist and Access Sport Ambassador

Taster Sessions are getting underway across Bristol...

Key Partners of Bristol BMX Legacy Programme so far…

How to get involved?

If you would like to learn more about the Bristol BMX Legacy Programme or if you have any questions, please get in touch. 
With the two new tracks up and running there are also lots of exciting new volunteering opportunities!

Please contact Lucy Fisher for more information:

Email – [email protected]