What can your club do to help your community cope with coronavirus crisis? 

We believe community clubs are needed now as much as ever. Beyond the sport itself, clubs provide so much more but it's not always obvious what support your community needs. This page is here to help you show you care, ask good questions and learn what people really need.

Here's five simple steps to help your club members cope with the Covid-19 crisis.
  1. Contact everyone. Especially the people who have gone quiet since lockdown began.

  2. Offer community support. There’s so many community support groups our there, but club members may prefer to get advice and support from people they know.

  3. Ask compassionate questions. Ask people:
    1. How they are?
    2. Are they coping?
    3. What would make the biggest difference right now?
    4. What are they missing most about club life?

  4. Signpost people towards local mutual aid groups and resources

  5. Share challenges with the Making Trax Team so we can work on solutions together. Get in touch via [email protected]