#TriWithAccessSport is a fun and flexible challenge that suits participants of any age and ability. 

  • Children can choose any activity that suits them – see Tri It Your Way (below) pick a fun activity for the summer break or the start of the autumn term and simply set up a fundraising page
  • Share photos and videos by tagging us on Twitter and Facebook (@AccessSport) using the #TriWithAccessSport hashtag. We will do a shout-out each week for the best Challenge photograph!
  • Secondary school pupils, university students and club volunteers may want to take on the Team Challenge, committing to raising £1,000 for Access Sport! You can visit our Team Challenge page here.

If you are a school or sports club and you would like to find out more, please email: [email protected]


What’s Tri It Your Way?

We want to make sure absolutely everyone can take part. That’s where Tri It Your Way comes in. Just choose any sporting activity, it can be as challenging or as gentle as you like, as long as you are active that’s all that counts. It’s your choice.


  • Try 3 new activities this summer – these can be anything and you don’t need any equipment: e.g. an online yoga class or any of our Home Activities
  • Create a team of three friends and each choose an activity for you to do together 
  • Pick a different friend to join you for three different walks
  • Invent your own triathlon – choose the traditional cycle, swim, run or pick 3 completely different activities
  • Learn 3 new skills in your chosen sport
  • Walk/Run three miles on three different days 
  • Challenge yourself to complete 300 hours of exercise over the summer 
  • Do 3 x burpees, 3 x press-ups and 3 x star jumps every day for three weeks
  • Cycle 3km 3 x times a week for three weeks 
  • Go for a three hour walk this weekend 
  • Create your own sports day with friends – taking inspiration from the Olympics and Paralympics!


Our examples are based on the number 3, but you are free to create your own challenge! Please ensure you adhere to the current Covid-19 Government Guidelines.


About Access Sport:

By taking part and fundraising for Access Sport, you will be ensuring that more disabled young people and those from under-served communities can experience the multiple benefits of being physically active. Sadly, even prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of children across the UK, especially those with disabilities and those growing up in poverty, were denied this simple opportunity.

Through our work, we train, equip and support local volunteers and their community sports organisations so they can grow, become sustainable and include and develop people who would otherwise not participate in sport -  including disabled and disadvantaged young people. This unleashes the potential of community sports organisations to transform more lives through sport while developing and strengthening their local communities.

External evaluation of our work in 2019/20 showed that:

83%  Of young people said they want to do more activity or sport than before
84%  Of parents/carers reported that their child's wellbeing has improved
82%  Of participants said they know more about being healthy and active


Every £10k raised through our Corporate Challenge will mean another 100 disadvantaged and disabled children and young people having the chance to play sport.

Let’s get active this summer!

#TriWithAccessSport #SummerOfSport #SummerOfPlay