We believe we make an excellent charity partner for any corporation that shares our interests in sport, youth development, local community development and support for disabled young people. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • Impact – we can demonstrate real impact on the ground in local communities in London, Bristol, Manchester and Oxford. We can direct your donation to the heart of deprived communities who need your help the most and we can prove your support is changing the lives of those most in need.

  • Movements for change – we are building national movements for change in sports such as cycling and hockey, making them much more accessible to those growing up in poverty and young disabled people. Opportunities exist for corporate partners to back these movements and create lasting change, making sport more inclusive forever – imagine what being associated with this could do for your brand and employee engagement.

  • Volunteering and employee engagement – we can provide some of the most relevant and enjoyable volunteering experiences currently available in the sector – from single-day activities such as running inclusive sports days to renovating BMX tracks, right through to training as a sports coach and setting up your own Boccia club for local disabled children, or mentoring a young disabled person seeking employment. We look forward to talking with you about the skills and availability of your staff to craft the right programme for you.

  • Events and staff fundraising – we have a portfolio of challenge events staff can get involved in and we have the ability to set up and support bespoke events where appropriate, for example involving our sports-star ambassadors or hosting events at our BMX tracks. We also run an annual gala dinner and quiz which is incredibly popular for client entertainment and exceptionally good value.

  • Ambassadors – we have a number of high profile sporting legends who give their time as Ambassadors to Access Sport and we would likely bring one to your office or HQ to launch our partnership with you or engage your staff in our partnership at the most appropriate time

  • Communications – we have a strong social media presence and significant reach into the sport-for-development community supported by our Ambassadors and their followings. We can activate campaigns to highlight your support and our partnership and generate positive social media publicity for you


We are dynamic and growing but perhaps most importantly for you we are small in number of corporate partners – you will be one of just a handful of corporate supporters meaning your partnership with us will be extremely highly valued and prioritised at all times.


If you share our vision that sport should be for all, please get in touch! 
Contact Amy De Broise:
[email protected]
0207 993 9883


We currently have a small but passionate group of corporate partners and our relationships are tailored to suit individuals requirements. If you would like to find out a bit more about our current partnerships please visit our Corporate Partners page here.