We believe that every child should have access to a safe, exciting and traffic free space to learn to ride a bike, build their confidence cycling, enhance their skills and develop a love of cycling that will last a lifetime. 

Bike parks are perfect for this. They are relatively low cost to install, are incredibly popular and can be adjusted to fit in to virtually any space. 

However, currently there are only approximately 250 of these facilities nationally. This compares to 

  • 1,700 skateparks 
  • 3,000 basketball courts 
  • 7,000 tennis courts 

These 250 facilities are typically in predominantly white communities (90% white) and only 59 sit within an area of top 20% deprivation. 

We need more of these facilities across the country and we need to install them in our most ethnically diverse and disadvantaged communities.

There’s more bang for buck in investing in sports where the participants are from more deprived areas. Sports where the participants are from higher socio-economic groups do not have a good return on investment; sports like basketball, boxing, BMX will. 

*State of life – Levelling up the playing field