Access Sport support community clubs and organisations to become a sustainable resource, guidance on funding is an important aspect.

Small grants are a great way to fund specific programmes or projects that engage your target beneficiaries. Sports clubs and community organisations can apply for grants that could help fund programmes or projects which aim to increase physical activity or overcome barriers.

There are also grants that can support the operations of a club or community organisation in response to the COVID-19 crisis as well as creating opportunities to help those in need.

Grant sizes included here range from £200 - £2,000, completed through online applications. Prior to applying ensure that you read through the following information.

 Please note, although funding might be more difficult to obtain due to Covid-19, we encourage you to still apply, using all of the guidance below provided. Some funds set up by organisations are specifically designed to support you during the pandemic. Make sure you read and check the eligibility criteria before applying.


First step is to check the whether your sports club or organisation is eligible to apply for the grant – majority of funding grants will include this on their website.

Key points to check:

  • Charity/Organisation Annual turnover
  • Focus of the application, i.e. children and young people
  • Location of the grant


To apply for a grant, you will need to supply the following information in the application:

  • Organisation’s details
  • Applicant’s contact details
  • Alternative contact details
  • Organisation type – charity, sports club
  • How long your organisation has been in existence
  • Financial information about your organisation – bank statements, turnover
  • Key information about your project/initiative
  • Evidence of need - who will benefit from your work and why?
  • Set of proposed project outcomes
  • A plan for monitoring and evaluating the impact of your work
  • Details/breakdown of your budget
  • Bank details – if successful

A grant application should be simple and straight to the point. Ensure that the answers are specific; explaining the need and demand for the grant, who you are going to help and how you will achieve your outcomes. 

There are many resources that can help you when writing an application. It is important to note that each grant application is different and will ask slightly different questions.

  • Many questions have a word count, ensure that you keep to this
  • Answer the questions to the point
  • Back up your application with statistics and examples to prove why there is a need, make these specific if the project is focused on a certain area
  • Describe what your solution is to the need that you’ve explained
  • Avoid jargon
  • Make sure a colleague proofreads what you have written

Tips for writing applications -

Sport England Club Matters -


National Governing Bodies, County Sports Partnerships and Local Authorities may have small grants that you are able to apply for which may include local funding available and other community grants.

Here are some other grants that we recommend that you may want to access:

Something missing? Let us know if you need any specific help with funding applications or if you have come across any other key small grants.