New All-Wheeled Bike Park Development - Stockwood, Bristol

As Stockwood Bike Park has been transformed into a unique and thrilling all-tarmac jump track and pump track, we are starting to bring together a group of individuals, organisations, and anyone else who is interested in making Stockwood Bike Park into a thriving community cycling hub.

Cycling is a key life skill. Confidence on a bike can lead to a lifetime of cycling, fun and freedom as well as providing a multitude of physical, mental, social and environmental benefits. Cycling and off-road facilities create a safe and exciting place for people of all ages and abilities, to learn to ride, increase cycling confidence and enhance bike handling skills.

Stockwood Bike Park is one of these excellent off-road cycling facilities. Through the combination of a jump track and pump track, a wide range of riding options are offered for all ages and abilities, as well as providing accessibility for all wheels such as bikes, scooters, and skateboards. There will be two site safe storage containers on site, one used as storage unit for community cycling equipment, and the other acting as a ‘club house or welfare unit’ for participants, coaches, volunteers, and family members. This open access cycling facility is also being accompanied by a new footpath connecting the track to nearby Whittock Road and a hub area to learn to ride and watch the action on the track.

The track is located in Stockwood Open Space, BS14 8DE and is due to be officially opened in January 2022.

Please see below a sketch design of Stockwood Bike Track and photos of how the track is looking now! 

Through this group of interested local people and organisations, we want to create a thriving community cycling hub in Stockwood by providing a wide range of opportunities for all in the local community.

Please let us know if you are keen to find out more by completing a short form EXPRESSION OF INTEREST - Activating Stockwood Bike Hub | Access Sport

For progress on the Stockwood Bike Hub, please keep an eye on the Stockwood Bike Hub Facebook page or alternatively you can contact [email protected]