Impact achieved last year:

5,264 Young lives improved through providing opportunities in sport 

  • 2,720 Were Female
  • 2,965 Were Disabled
  • 2,129 Were from Ethnically Diverse Communities

113  New volunteers trained to support community organisations
297  Sports coaches gained qualifications to lead activities and support club growth
196  Community sports clubs were developed, across London, Bristol, Manchester and Oxford

Responding to Covid - 19:

Through our programmes we have continued to support our participants during the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. Over the past year we have supported the distribution of:

7,400  Food packages to vulnerable families across London and Manchester
1,115  Activity packs giving young people and their families the opportunity to remain active

Working with young people in deprived communities and with a strong emphasis on disabled young people, we have seen the significant impact that taking part in sport can have and over the past year this has been needed more than ever. From analysis after receiving the activity packs there were increases in:

Mental wellbeing...

62%  Of children felt an improvement in their mental health
75%  Of families spent more time together
59%  Of parents/guardians felt an improvement in their own mental health

And physical wellbeing...

62%  Of children felt an improvement in their physical health
53%  Of parents/guardians felt an improvement in their physical health
81%  Of children experienced an improvement in their activity levels

Access Sport are helping young people to become healthier, happier and to achieve their potential by providing access to quality sport and development opportunities.

For a more detailed look at the impact our work has had over the last year please click the image below to view or download our 2020-21 Impact Report:



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