Together we can make sure no child gets left behind 

We believe cycling transforms lives and want to make sure every child has:  

  • Access to a bike,  
  • The skills and confidence to use it, 
  • Somewhere safe and exciting to ride, and; 
  • A group of people to ride with  

If your bike club shares our vision - then we’d love to hear from you. There’s so much we can do by working together towards shared aims.  

  • Perhaps you want to tell us what your club is already doing to make this happen?  
  • Maybe you want advice to help your club become more welcoming and inclusive?  
  • Or you’d like to connect with other clubs who share similar goals?   


Either way, we’d love your club to be part of a growing network transforming lives by making cycling exciting to people who’ve felt left out until now.  

By working together - we can make sure no child gets left behind!  

“Bikes are such a force for good, especially for young people who might be struggling – so please get in touch so we can change as many lives as possible by working together” 

You can start a conversation with an email to tell us about your club [email protected]  

Or book a 30-minute call with our Making Trax Network Manager – Andy James – to discuss your club’s existing strengths and opportunities for growth, using this link:

Andy James Calendly