The Lockdown Bike Club are leading by example. Every Saturday morning we run a live BMX Club session. These sessions are led by experienced social impact coaches and aim to recreate the best bits from bike club life.  

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The fortnightly newsletter is where we round up the latest news and highlights from the Making Trax Club Network. The current editions are largely focussed on helping community bike clubs through the Coronavirus crisis. Get our biweekly newsletter straight into your inbox by clicking here.


The Making Trax Team are using Zoom to run webinars and meetups to discuss challenges and swap ideas. The groups are focused on redesigning community cycling for socially distant times, and working out how to support the most isolated and vulnerable members of their communities. These online sessions provide opportunities for network members to connect with each other, share resources, learn together and provide feedback that shapes the work we do. Feedback has been positive: 

That was great! Hearing from everyone else was very useful so I would definitely see the value of joining future calls.

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The team are continuing to look out for the BMXercise community during lockdown. The team are using video-conferencing tools to bring BMXercise Champions, coaches and riders together for fun, friendly, fitness-based online sessions. Get in touch with [email protected] to find out how to get involved.