Together we’re making sure no child gets left behind  

The benefits of community cycling aren’t enjoyed equally.  

We support a growing network of clubs to change this.  

These clubs all deserve to be seen as trailblazers – leading the way towards inclusion and diversity – and inspiring others to follow.  

Each club gets our support to build capacity, develop expertise, and grow more successful and sustainable. This means each club transforms more young lives near them.   

Here’s what Lillian Gerber – the co-leader at COG Cycling in Waltham Forest – says about support from the network:  

“Being part of the Making Trax Network has provided invaluable wrap around support to us at COG over the years - at a strategic and operational level. The team are much more than just a source of funding. They are without doubt one of the best capacity building organisations I have worked with and have values that align closely with our own. We have Access Sport to thank for playing a crucial role in helping us grow COG to where it is today.”   

A great club can have a huge impact on its local community. Everyone deserves great clubs that open-up local facilities to the whole community. This video shows a community open day at Ormiston Park that was supported through the network:  

In addition to club development support – we’re building the collective capacity to create change at a national scale. Together we are taking steps to make it possible for every child to have:  

  • Access to a bike, 
  • The skills and confidence to use it, 
  • Somewhere safe and exciting to ride, and; 
  • A group of riders where they belong  


Find out how your club can become part of the network here.

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