(formerly known as the BMX Legacy Programme)

Access Sport's Making Trax Programme is a multi-award winning programme that was launched in February 2011 to create a thriving youth cycling scene in London. The programme is achieving this by creating community clubs, new tracks, new coaches, new volunteers, new competitions and delivering directly to community partners such as schools, pupil referral units and disabled people's organisations.

Since then, Making Trax has expanded across London and Bristol, and we’re now developing a network of over 50 inclusive community cycling clubs across the country. By using BMX and other non-traditional disciplines each club will make cycling accessible, relevant and welcoming for anyone, regardless of race, gender, sex, ability, religion or privilege.

Collectively these clubs will challenge attitudes to inclusion and diversity and make a vital contribution towards a more inclusive society.

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We believe that cycling is a key life skill and a uniquely powerful sport that is not yet being harnessed to the best of its ability. The benefits of cycling are widely known:

  • Improves health and wellbeing
  • Environmentally friendly & promotes active travel
  • Cost effective
  • Low impact meaning it can effectively engage inactive people

In contrast to the perceived "cycling boom" and large, growing investment in cycling infrastructure in recent years, Sport England's Active People Survey and TfL statistics show a long-term decline in youth, female, ethnic minorities and disadvantaged participation in cycling.


We believe that BMX has a unique role to play in energising youth cycling and achieving equality, diversity and inclusion.

BMX attracts young people to cycling for the thrill and its cool factor but it is suitable for all ages and abilities. BMX is a safe, fun, off-road form of cycling that is a fantastic tool to help people learn to ride a bike, to become more confident and to enjoy it, kick-starting a lifelong love of cycling that leads to cycling for sport, recreation and travel.



Head to our Project Page to read more about how we are specifically targeting underrepresented groups through initiatives such as our Making Trax Outreach, Wingz, WoW Cycling and BMXercise projects.


A key focus within our Making Trax programme is engaging females in cycling. We do this through 3 projects which target women and girls at different stages in their cycling journey

  • Girls BMX – We have a strong girls outreach with groups of girls. In our #BMXTogether project we work with vulnerable girls at risk of exclusion from school and use BMX as a tool to build confidence
  • BMXercise – this programme engages women in fun, friendly and fitness-based BMXercise. These sessions are now running at clubs around the country giving more women the opportunity to take part in BMX.
  • WoW Cycling – social cycling groups for women who are unable to cycle or not confident doing on a bike. These groups have been successful in engaging women who have never cycled or haven’t cycled in years to ride a bike and gain confidence from learning a new life skill and making new social connections


Over the past 6 years Access Sport’s BMX Programme has worked with over 25,000 participants from over 350 schools and organisations across London and Bristol. The programme has been extremely successful in reaching underrepresented groups such as girls, ethnic minority groups and those with disabilities, as well as having taught many people to ride for the first time.

  •  Wingz Cycling: The Wingz movement is an initiative to ensure disabled people have access to quality, local cycling. Within the Making Trax outreach project we work closely with Special Needs schools and provisions to help young disabled people to develop their confidence, riding ability and break down barriers in order to encourage them onto their local club Wingz session.
  •  BMX Clever: BMXClever is a more intensive, adapted version of our mainstream BMX outreach programme and is often used with alternative provisions, pupil referral units or groups with behavioural issues. The programme uses core values such as confidence, cooperation, respect and focus as the basis for the sessions.

Read more about our outreach offers and how you can access our FREE 12 week programme here or download the Information Pack to find out more.


Access Sport's Making Trax Programme has many valued and influential partners that help to make the programme a success, including:

  • Sport England
  • British Cycling
  • London Marathon Charitable Trust

To find out more about BMX in London, check out the LondonBMX website or for Bristol updates our visit latest news to take a look at how the plans are progressing.