Access Sport's Making Trax Programme is a multi-award winning programme that was launched in February 2011 to create a thriving youth cycling scene in London. The programme is achieving this by developing new bike tracks, delivering sustainable community cycling activity, upskilling new coaches and volunteers and delivering directly to community partners such as schools, pupil referral units and disabled people's organisations. 

Since then, the Making Trax Programme has expanded across London, Bristol, Greater Manchester and Sheffield, and we are now developing a network of over 50 inclusive community cycling clubs across the country. By using BMX and other non-traditional disciplines each club will make cycling accessible, relevant and welcoming for anyone, regardless of race, gender, sex, ability, religion or privilege.

Our Mission and Purpose

We want to level the playing field so that everyone, regardless of ability or background, can take part in sport and physical activity. We aim to put inclusion at the heart of community sport. We do this through our own work and through working in cross-sector partnership with others at local, regional and national level.

Cycling is a life-skill that can greatly enhance both an individual's personal health & well-being and also the communities they live in.

We believe every young person should have

  • Access to a bike
  • The skills and confidence to ride it
  • Somewhere local, safe and exciting to enjoy riding


  • 78% of disabled people never cycle
  • 76% of women never cycle
  • 75% of people at risk of deprivation never cycle
  • 74% of people from ethnic minorities never cycle
  • Only 2% of all children cycle to school

COVID 19 has exacerbated these inequalities and increased the importance of local, inclusive and exciting cycling opportunities, especially in deprived areas.

* Sustrans report 2020

What We’re Doing About It

Facilities - We provide safe, exciting and local cycling facilities that serve our most deprived and under-served communities. They are free to use and equipment is stored on site for community use. 

Clubs - We empower local volunteers to run sustainable community groups that provide regular and inclusive access to equipment, training and pathways to further development. 

Community outreach - We reach the most inactive, at-risk and disadvantaged young people that have the most to benefit from our work. We deliver specialist cycle training & Bikeability to these young people in local schools, special schools and pupil referral units.