Start your club inclusion journey today  

Millions of children are excluded from the many benefits of cycling. Your club can change this! …And we’re here to help you make this happen.  

“Bikes are such a force for good, especially for young people who might be struggling – so please get in touch so we can change as many lives as possible by working together” 

How we support clubs in our network 

We help clubs like yours identify strengths and weaknesses around inclusion and diversity – then provide support to nurture a strong, inclusive club culture. 

In simple terms we can help your club:   

  1. Understand the local population  
  1. See who’s missing out, and why.  
  1. Do something to change this, 
  1. Publicly celebrate your success, and: 
  1. Inspire others to change too!  

Book a call with Andy James our National Network Manager to discuss your club’s aspirations and priorities, using this link 

Calendly - Andy James.

We can help if:  


  • You want to know why diversity and inclusion is good for your club 
  • You have questions, or you’re stuck on something, aren’t sure where to start or what to do next. 
  • You want to engage a specific target group Eg. women and girls or disabled young people.  
  • You want to build inclusion confidence at your club or the capacity to reach more young people.  
  • You want to achieve inclusion outcomes in your club and need extra thinking capacity, strategic trusted advisor, we can support you.   

Want to know more - then why not send an email to [email protected] with a bit of background about your club and aspirations for the future.  

Together we’ll make sure nobody gets left behind!