Helping clubs welcome and include specific target groups  

If your club wants to do more to attract, engage and retain people target population groups, we can help make this happen. We offer training, inclusion projects and access to experts. To find out more, click the links below… 

Including Young People with Additional Needs  

78% of disabled people never cycle and young people with invisible disabilities or additional needs are often underestimated. With the right support they can learn to ride a two wheeled bike and doing so will transform their lives.  

Click here to find out what you can do to make cycling exciting and inclusive to disabled young people – without buying expensive adapted equipment. 

Including low-income families and children in poverty  

Only 25% of people in deprived areas cycle and children growing up in low-income households miss out on opportunities many of us take for granted. Click here to find out to join a group of clubs addressing these barriers with compassion and sensitivity.  

Including Young Women & Girls  

There’s still a gender imbalance in cycling and community sport. A lack of opportunity is only part of the problem. There are deep-rooted attitudinal barriers and stereotypes the discourage young women and girls from riding as well as a multitude of other factors during teenage years. If you want to address these challenges, click here to read about what you do you need to know, and what can you do.  

Including ‘at risk’ young people and managing challenging behaviours  

Covid 19 has hit children hard. Disruption to school, family, clubs and social lives has left many more young people at risk of educational exclusion, violence, mental health problems. This can present as challenging or disruptive behaviour at club sessions.  

Attending community clubs creates much needed structure and routine as well as an outlet for burning off energy for these young people. If they become excluded from the club due to social isolation or disruptive behaviour they’re likely to suffer more.  

We believe it’s really important to put yourselves in a position to support and include these vulnerable people. 

Click here to join a group of clubs that are passionate about:  

  • Mental health inclusion, 
  • Managing challenging behaviours, 
  • Creating a safe environment for vulnerable young people, 
  • Re-engaging riders who’ve gone off the radar because of lockdowns, and; 
  • Directly delivering to at-risk and vulnerable young people  

Breaking down barriers for culturally and religiously diverse communities  

Millions of people face challenges trying to balance their cultural traditions against social norms in community sport, club rules, dress codes and procedures.  

Join a group of clubs working to understand and break-down the barriers that prevent different cultural and religious communities feeling like they belong at community bike clubs.  

Race-based inclusion  

Racism can have a profound impact on young people’s involvement in grassroots cycling. Join a growing group of clubs who are getting comfortable talking about race then promoting themselves as places where racial diversity is celebrated.

Breaking down barriers for women to ride  

76% of women never cycle. Find out what your club can do to help more women enjoy the thrill and freedom of riding a bike. Inspiring more women – including BMX mums – to get in bikes can help your club offer something for the whole family.  

You never know, some of these new riders might get more involved in coaching or volunteering at the club too.  

Tackling homophobia and discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity  

It can be uncomfortable talking about sexuality and gender identity in community sport. If your club wants to avoid these topics it likely to be hard to convince members of LGBT+ communities that they’d be welcomed and belong at your club.  

Connect with other clubs that are building confidence in this space and taking steps to create LGBTQI friendly clubs.  

*Source: Sustrans Report 2020