Summer has been busy for the BMX Legacy team, with

2 new women-only BMXercise sessions starting in Merton in Brixton

Both have taken off immediately, with new and old riders coming to check out the tracks.

So what is BMXercise all about?

Access Sport developed these BMX-based fitness sessions, designed for women looking to get more active. Our relaxed, fun and friendly sessions are made to appeal to women who aren’t regularly taking part in physical activity.

The idea behind BMXercise ties in with our overall aim at Access Sport: to engage people in sport who lie outside of traditional sporting demographics. In cycling, for example, the overall number of riders is increasing, but the number of women taking part has fallen.

By creating an exercise session around BMXing rather than making the session competitive, we attract women who wouldn’t otherwise be engaged in sport. Of our current BMXercisers, almost 1 in 4 is over 40, 20% were inactive before starting the sessions, and the vast majority were brand new to BMX.

At our new Merton track sessions, only one of the women had been on a BMX before – despite half of them having watched their children race around the track for years – just assuming that BMX was a sport not able to cater to them. Not even two months later, the sessions are still as relaxed and fun as before, but now involve going off the start hill that seemed so intimidating to start with and it’s safe to say everyone is hooked.

I really wish it hadn’t taken me so long to get started….. I’m 50 next weekend – maybe I’ll ask for a BMX!

At Brixton, we attracted several women who had ridden previously but were attracted back into the sport by our female-only offering.

I was telling my friend how I couldn’t believe that there were so many women on the track! It’s always just the boys.

And with our new track builds happening over summer, there will be three new sessions starting – at Croydon, Lewisham and Langdon Park track which will mean welcoming even more women into the BMXercise community.

If you are interested in trying out one of the BMXercise sessions below, please contact [email protected] or check out our Facebook page.


Peckham (Burgess Park): Tuesdays 6.30-8.30pm

Greenwich (Hornfair Park): Sundays 9am & 10.30am, Monday 11.30am

Hammersmith & Fulham (Wormwood Scrubs BMX track): Saturdays 10-11.00am

Merton (Acacia Road): Thursdays 6.30-8pm 

Brixton (Brockwell Park): Mondays 6.30-8pm  

Croydon (Norbury Park): Tuesdays 6.30-8pm, Starting 29th August


Tower Hamlets (Langdon Park): COMING SOON