An overview of our work in Oxford

The High Sheriff Social Inclusion programme in Oxford, utilises the power of sport to create positive youth development pathways for underrepresented and vulnerable young people.

Our Success

Launched in 2014 in collaboration with Sport England, the (then) High Sheriff Tony Stratton and Oxford City Council, the programme has engaged over 3000 participants so far. At year end 2018, 43% of the recorded participants were female, 37% were disabled and 34% were from BME groups.

The unique partnerships developed between us, the High Sheriff, local businesses and Oxford City Council has helped to achieve the following outcomes:

  • GROWTH - allowing young people in disadvantaged areas to benefit from access to high quality community sport
  • SUSTAINABILITY - ensure Access Sport continues to operate within Oxford and the sports clubs continue to thrive within the priority neighbourhoods
  • YOUTH DEVELOPMENT - developing a route for young people to acquire skills and abilities for a successful future 
  • INCLUSION - engaging more inactive groups including women and girls, disabled people and black and minority ethnic groups

In 2017 the programme won the Oxfordshire Sport and Physical Activity Award for Sports Development Project of the Year. 

Looking Forward

Now in Phase three we intend to engage 2500 new participants , create new coaches, unearth new volunteers and provide access to training and qualifications. 

Our Partner Clubs

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Clubs in Development

Read about Rosie's experience as a club volunteer at an inclusive cycling club here

You can also download our club booklet for details of sports sessions in Oxford.

Photos from our work in Oxford:

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