Team100 is Access Sport’s new Volunteering project, designed to change the way we view volunteering. The project is ‘hyper-localising’ opportunities for communities with the potential for collaboration and action. This means that when you volunteer, you know the people you are supporting, the clubs you are helping and the change you are creating.

Team100 is currently available in 3 localities, Burgess Park – Southwark, Charlton - Greenwich and Easton & St Pauls, Bristol. These areas are full of inspiring community champions, local activators and thriving sports clubs. Team100 will develop, connect and inspire these members. For too long volunteering has meant standing on the touch line on a rainy, grey Sunday morning – Team100 is changing this.


Being a member of your local team100 is about supporting your community and local sports clubs, this can be from the comfort of your own home, updating social media, admin tasks or finding sponsorship on the internet. Being a member could mean, fundraising with your friends, helping out at summer-camps, and helping out with transport. Team100 also allows you to fulfil the classic volunteer role, coaching at sessions and mentoring. If you have specific skills such as bid writing, monitoring and evaluation or law we want you to join our team.


Key to the success of Team100 will be the digital campaign, co-designed with local people and industry leading experts Teneo Blue Rubicon. The campaign will:

  • Redefine what it means to volunteer
  • Be locally owned with a strong brand
  • Target those from underrepresented groups
  • Help get the community active

A database and digital platform will be developed to successfully engage community with volunteers, providing them with:

  • Opportunities tailored to the volunteers’ needs and situations
  • Qualifications and development pathways
  • Access to high profile volunteering opportunities
  • Invitations to celebration events



That not everyone is in the same situation, everyone has their own reasons for volunteering and reasons for not. Team100 is designed to be specific to your community, the project is interested in what works, for which people and where. Each Team100 is co-designed with local members of the community so it is tailored for its team members. If you want to join your local team to simply support others, or if you want boost your CV with our qualifications and courses – then get in touch and be a part of Team100.


If you would like to find out more about the project as a whole, please email or call:

Jake Tullett:

[email protected] or call Access Sport