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Volunteers are the heart and soul of all community activity and through years of learning, Access Sport believes it takes roughly 100 people, from different back grounds and with different skill sets to come together and form a team, creating the necessary momentum to engage their community and get more people active. 

To ensure all of these different roles are fulfilled we are working to the Team100 Matrix. Focusing on building a sustainable local framework greater than the sum of its parts. The local leadership feeds back into and will eventually lead the project, volunteers from all walks of life are encouraged to join in and make a difference.

Front of house volunteers who deliver the activities are essential, but just as much as the residents who serve the teas and coffees, organise fixtures, post on social media, the local school's lending their facilities for reduced rates and the local councillor who provides needed publicity and credibility. Everyone can make a difference. 


Along with the locally owned and co-designed volunteering, key to the success of Team100 will be the digital campaign, designed by local people and industry leading experts Teneo Blue Rubicon, Digital Mums and University of Arts London. The campaign will:

  • Help get the community more healthy and active
  • Engage those from underrepresented groups 
  • Build on local word of mouth
  • Create a brand people can identify with 

A database and digital platform will be developed to successfully engage community with local volunteers, providing these residents with:

  • Opportunities tailored to the volunteers’ needs and situations
  • Qualifications and development pathways
  • Access to high profile volunteering opportunities
  • Invitations to celebration events


Team100 is currently active in 3 areas, click on the image to see how you can join the team: 

Team100 is working with and connecting local residents with community clubs, sport organisations, housing associations, schools and local authorities to maximise community assets and get more people active. Alongside this, Access Sport are developing local leadership frameworks made up of local influencers, volunteer managers, sports clubs, community groups and volunteers to sustain the project for years to come. 

If you would like to know more about the project, please contact

Jake Tullett: [email protected]

Or, call Access Sport on 020 7993 9883