We set up the Lockdown Bike Club as an inclusive community club for socially distant times.

Like the clubs we develop and support in ‘normal’ times, the Lockdown Club runs activities for everyone – regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, ability, or mobility. This includes online club sessions and inclusive workouts, challenges, coaching tips and a selection of ‘catch-up’ sessions available on Youtube.  

The aim of the club is a simple one…. Ensure everyone in the Making Trax network can enjoy accessible, exciting, relevant activities despite all the lockdown restrictions.

Here’s a summary of online sessions we run every week:

We know young riders are desperately missing their club sessions every weekend. To fill the gap, we’re running online fitness sessions with BMX coach and fitness instructor, Mark Seaman. Access Sport are covering the costs for these sessions so they are free for participants.

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“These sessions are aimed at helping riders become fitter and stronger. We will cover all muscle groups in training with various exercises. No equipment is needed but please ensure you have plenty to drink with you. There will be different levels of exercise according to age/ability, so the session is suitable for everyone. The training will be progressive, so riders get fitter and stronger through the weeks.”

The sessions will be inclusive to anyone, no matter what age, ability, disability or level of fitness. No equipment needed either.

Attendees can contact Mark in advance to ask for more information or to discuss any adaptations that’d make the session inclusive at:  [email protected]

Lockdown BMXercise with Silvi Vargas takes place every Wednesday. These are fun, friendly, fitness-based sessions for women and girls. These session follow the BMXercise ethos and are a great way to have fun, keep fit and meet new people. Sessions are running every Tuesday afternoon.

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To find out more information please contact Aisha Lawal [email protected] 

The pandemic has affected young people with disabilities hard. We know it’s not easy for disabled young people to attend ‘on bike’ sessions, even when they are running – so we’re running a series of Wingz continuity sessions online so all Wingz riders have something to look forward to each week. These are currently running on Thursday afternoons with inclusive coach Heidi Blunden.

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To find out more information please contact Aisha Lawal [email protected]