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Lockdown Bike Loans

As the Coronavirus continues to affect everyday life, NHS staff and key workers are forging ahead in the battle to restore normality to the nation. To support those working hard to tackle this pandemic, Access Sport staff, alongside Bikeworks instructors, are working together to make bikes accessible to female frontline NHS Staff through Access Sport’s Women on Wheels project.

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Lockdown BMX  Virtual Club Session

For everyone who’s missing their Saturday mornings at their local BMX club, we’re delivering virtual club sessions. Whether folks are craving the social side of things or need to burn off some energy, the Lockdown Bike Club has the answer! We’re hosting a virtual club session every Saturday morning, and you’re all invited!

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BMX Fitness videos on Youtube

Take a look at our BMX fitness films. These are all inclusive and accessible activities to keep you fit and healthy during the lockdown. The coach demonstrates the links back to BMX, but crucially, no bikes are needed.  

Check out the videos here – new videos added every week!

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