#Streaming For Sport

Access Sport has a longstanding partnership with the video games community which over the past five years has enabled thousands of under-privileged children and young people to improve their lives through playing regular sport. For example, Aslan whose story is featured below.

All our generous partners in the sector share our passion for making physical activity fun and accessible and improving take-up in deprived communities.

Together we are seeking to capitalise on shared opportunities such as gamification, the popularity of esports and our growing events programme, to keep on improving access to sport for otherwise excluded young people.

Use our hashtag #StreamingForSport to keep up with news and stories from this innovative sector-charity partnership.

Thank you to the following organisations for all your support...

MEET some of the young people we work with

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We are thrilled to have been chosen as a charity partner for Yogscast's festive fundraiser #JingleJam2019!
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If you would like to find out more about the streaming for sport initiative please get in touch!
Contact Amy De Broise:
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