Access Sport believes every child and young person should be able to access sport to enhance their life prospects.

The many benefits of sport participation are widely understood; physical, social, mental... and the Head of NHS England recently suggested that exercise as a magic pill would be a "pharmaceutical blockbuster" (The Sunday Times, 2016). Yet there continues to exist an ongoing decline in state-funded provision due to budget cuts, especially within local authorities.

Furthermore, thousands of young people are finding themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty and unemployment in our hardest to reach communities - which often can be linked to anti-social behaviour, gangs and crime, drug-use and mental health issues. 

There are approximately 160,000 community sports clubs in the UK and we believe that unlocking their potential is the most effective way of overcoming the many challenges facing our young people today. 


We work intensively with community clubs so that they can reach as many young people as possible - linking them to local estates, primary & secondary schools, special schools, youth development organisations, and disabled people's organisations. 

Access Sport is a multiplier, creating lasting impact by making highly efficient investments into existing facilities, people, and community assets. 

As a result, our impact extends far beyond the young people themselves:

  • clubs become a beacon in the local community
  • local volunteering is multiplied and volunteers up skilled
  • significant economic, social and environmental benefits