In the last year, we have...

  • improved 8,639 young lives through providing opportunities in sport
  • of these, 4,822 disadvantaged and disabled children and young people are now playing sport regularly
  • trained 403 young people to act as leaders in their local community
  • recruited 294 new regular community volunteers
  • trained 197 new community sports coaches 
  • developed 169 community sports clubs across London, Bristol, Manchester and Oxford 
  • up-skilled 162 existing community sports coaches and volunteers
  • helped 57 young people to secure local employment, with 6 apprenticeships and 21 full or part-time positions created 

We do this because we believe every child should be able to access sport.

Our goal is to build an infrastructure of community sports clubs throughout the country that can make this happen.

But we need to do more...

The most recent Active People Survey conducted by Sport England reported that almost half of young people fail to take part in sport on a weekly basis, and a staggering 83% of young disabled people are not participating in regular sport. 

Furthermore, participation in sport and physical activity among low socio-economic groups continues to be in significant decline, coupled with the fact that in 2014-2015 there were 3.9 million children living in poverty (Department for Work and Pensions, 2016).

And the role of inactivity in the alarming obesity epidemic, highlighted in this summer's Childhood Obesity Strategy, becomes ever more prominent. It is understood that children from low income backgrounds are effected the worst by the obesity crisis...and the situation is merely continuing to worsen.

Increasing sporting opportunities for young people is a critical part of the solution. 

It costs us £150 to help change a young life through sport, and 89p of every £1 donated goes directly to our work on the ground, developing community sports clubs in the most disadvantaged, urban communities.

If you would like to make a difference to a young person's future, donate now.

Additionally, if you would like some inspiration for fundraising ideas, why not check out the fantastic events that our fundraisers have previously set up here.