If you are interested in joining the Access Sport Youth Board, please visit our Join the Team section of the website. Access Sport are always on the lookout for passionate disabled and non-disabled young people aged 15 to 25 years to join our successful Youth Board.



Sky - Youth Board Chair 

Sky is one of Access Sport's BMX coaches, and has shown a true desire and talent to coach others. A student at Brunel University, Sky is also a weightlifting competitor, specialising in Olympic weightlifting.

Q: Why are you on the Youth Board? 
A: "For personal growth and to be more involved with Access Sport


Dhilan - Youth Board Vice Chair 

Dhilan is a BMX coach for Access Sport, and this stems from a desire to help the younger generation. The opportunity to see progress being made drives Dhilan, as well as his own love of BMX. Most of his 
spare time is spent riding any sort of bike, and he is always training for BMX racing.

Q: Why are you on the Youth Board?     
A: "For personal growth and development, and to help out within the community"


A volunteer and coaching assistant at Waltham Forest Athletics Club, Jade enjoys working with both children and adults with disabilities and is an exemplary ambassador for inclusion. Jade is studying Physiotherapy, and hopes to become a Physiotherapist for those with disabilities. In her spare time, Jade is a keen artist and photographer.

Q: Why are you on the Youth Board? 
A: "I'm on the youth board to be a voice for the youth"                                               




Jason is has volunteered for Access Sport in a variety of settings, and has increasingly grown in confidence during his time with us. Always looking to help others, Jason enjoys coaching the younger generation.                                                                               
Q: Why are you on the Youth Board?                                    
A: "For experience, teamwork and meeting new people from different areas"                                 



A gold medal winner at the 2018 European and World SN Judo Championships, Neisha is a high-level athlete that is keen to give her time to improve the provision Access Sport offer - with a particular focus on inclusion. 

Neisha says:"Having a disability is not a disadvantage and sport is for everyone to keep fit and healthy. Sport should be inclusive for everyone, not just able bodied people. There is so much out there for disabled people but accessing it can be tricky"



Grace found her love for all things basketball when she lived in New York. Grace now lives in London and been a huge part of our Ignite Programme's Safe Haven Basketball Club, working with her mum to develop basketball for young people with learning disabilities across London. When not on the court, Grace is a member of the Middlesex Cricket Club's Disability Squad and has thoroughly enjoyed her two years with the group. 

Q: Why are you on the Youth Board?     
A: "Because I was chosen to get involved with the panel and the charity's projects"

The Access Sport Youth Board is not only a great opportunity for the chosen members, but also for the charity as a whole. We are constantly engaged with the younger generations in what we do, and the Youth Board will give us a much needed contemporary and youthful perspective on our programmes, events and general operations. The members have shown desire, ambition and selflessness during their time with us, and are a perfect fit for the Youth Board and its purpose.

Iestyn Withers, Disability Inclusion Development Manager 

Access Sport Youth Board alongside the board coordinators and representatives from the London Marathon Charitable Trust