The Lockdown Bike Hub was created because we believe grassroots cycling and clubs have a vital role to play as we navigate our way through another lockdown….

The Hub is a curated directory of resources designed to help clubs, coaches, volunteers – and the people who depend on them – during this difficult time. The Hub is also the home for the Lockdown Bike Club. A community club for socially distanced times. The Hub aims to:

  • Directly support the clubs, coaches and volunteers to adapt, survive and thrive in difficult circumstances,
  • Make it easy for clubs to engage and support the people that rely on them for exercise, social connection, structure and belonging,
  • Inspire clubs to use local connections to find new ways to serve needs of local people – especially the most vulnerable and isolated.


The Lockdown Bike Club was set up in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s run on a simple premise: that everyone should have access to accessible, relevant, and exciting activities that keep us moving during lockdown. We put on sessions for anyone who wants to attend and encourage other clubs to run sessions of their own.



An awful lot of people entered the crisis in a very fragile state and the situation is almost impossible for lots of vulnerable and disadvantaged people. The latest lockdown is likely to last for months, which is long enough to have another significant social and emotional impact on young people that hinders their chances of fulfilling their potential.

Many of the people in our extended network depended on their local bike clubs for physical activity, social connection, structure and routine. The lockdown has taken all this away, but we believe these same community clubs can play an important role in reducing the social impact of the Coronavirus crisis. Especially if we work together!


Together we’ll make sure nobody gets left behind

We can’t change things on our own so please get in touch with Andy James if you’d like to get involved with the Lockdown Bike Club.


As this is an unusual situation for us all, we'd really appreciate your feedback so we can support you as best as we can. Send us your thoughts and ideas via email:

[email protected] or tag us on social media using #lockdownbikeclub

You can join discussions, ask questions and chat about club life during lockdown by joining the Making Trax Club Hub on Facebook!