Access Sport utilises a unique and proven delivery model of investing in locally-owned resources, creating sustainable community assets. This is not only an extremely efficient spending model but one that allows impact to continue to grow exponentially, creating long-term benefits for the entire community as well as stimulating further outside investment and support. 

How Our Funds Were Raised

As demonstrated by the chart, Access Sport receives income from a broad and well-balanced range of sources.

The reality of childhood obesity, child poverty and poverty amongst disabled people all increasing year on year, underlines the need to continually do more.

Funding permitting, Access Sport seeks to grow its impact still further over the coming years, reaching more deprived communities and achieving even bigger impact in those communities we already work in. 

To find out more about our finances or how you can help, please contact:

[email protected]
0207 993 8337


Reports and Financial Statements

Access Sport Accounts 2016.pdf
Access Sport Accounts 2017.pdf
Access Sport Accounts 2018.pdf
Access Sport Accounts 2019.pdf
Access Sport Accounts 2020.pdf
Access Sport Accounts 2021.pdf
Access Sport Accounts 2022.pdf
Access Sport Accounts 2023.pdf

The Board through its Finance and Audit Committee conducts an annual review of the effectiveness of Access Sport's risk management and internal control systems.

Please Note: Access Sport's Charity Registration number was 1104687 until 30/4/15. Beginning 1/5/14,following incorporation, Access Sport CIO's Charity Registration number is 1156819. Further information can be found on the Charity Commission website.

Access Sport CIO and Access Sport BMX CIC Group VAT number 276 179 271