Community sport is proven to improve physical and mental health, as well as improving life prospects

Bristol is renowned as a vibrant, diverse and progressive city. Yet, like so many places in the UK, some of the most affluent areas border some of the most deprived. Bristol has many underserved communities who face significant inequality, poorer health outcomes and life chances1.

Disabled people in Bristol are half as likely to do enough exercise each week compared to the average Bristol population (32% vs 68%) and the 15% of Bristol’s population that live in the most deprived 10% of areas in England2 are also significantly less likely to be as active (55% vs 68%)3

Community sport is proven to improve physical and mental health, as well as improving life prospects, creating a sense of belonging and strengthening communities. Access Sport has been working to transform the community sport offer in Bristol since 2008.

Through our inclusive cycling offer, we have built four new inclusive cycling facilities to engage disadvantaged children and young people in the city’s most deprived areas and have supported over 60 clubs and organisations to offer disability inclusive sessions. This has included over 20 different sports, ranging from boccia to basketball, frame running to fencing and climbing to cricket, reflecting a multi-sport approach and proving that every sport can, and should, be inclusive to all members of the community. We are continuing to support more groups as we aim to make Bristol the best city for disability inclusive sport and physical activity opportunities, so every disabled person can take part in the activity of their choice, close to their home.

Access Sport is also spearheading the Ignite Bristol Network

A group of stakeholders at leadership, strategic and delivery level (both paid and voluntary) across the sport, disability, education and health sectors. The group aims to support life-long participation in inclusive community sport by signposting and sharing best practice and development opportunities in a fair and accessible way. Visit the Ignite Bristol website.


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