We intend to make Sheffield one of the most inclusive cycling cities in the country.

Sheffield is a renowned city of sport and physical activity. It was declared the first National City of Sport, with a range of high-quality facilities built for the World Student Games in 1991 and is known as the “outdoor city” thanks to a third of the city lying within the Peak District National Park.

However, not everyone has access to these facilities and there are significant health inequalities in Sheffield. Children growing up in the most underserved neighbourhoods are significantly less active than their counterparts in the more affluent areas. Sheffield’s ‘Every Child Matters Survey’ highlighted a need for low-cost activities, better equipment in nearby parks and venues to support more physically active lifestyles.

In 2019, Access Sport partnered with Sheffield City Council and Move More Sheffield (the local physical activity strategy to create a healthier, happier and more connected Sheffield) to tackle this issue. We have constructed a brand new, all-wheeled bike park in Hillsborough Park, one of the city’s flagship parks. The all-wheeled, floodlit facility is free to use, will be home to a new community cycling group and is the base for a community outreach offer that has already improved the cycling skills and confidence of over 1,100 local young people.

We intend to build upon this progress and make Sheffield one of the most inclusive cycling cities in the country, maintaining our focus on disadvantaged and disabled young people.

Over the next 3 years we intend to:
  • Activate the new all–wheeled bike park in Hillsborough for the whole community’s benefit
  • Build a network of inclusive community cycling groups across the city
  • Identify the next facility development opportunities following on from Hillsborough.


If you'd like to find out more about our work in Sheffield please contact us:
[email protected]
0207 993 9883