Access Sport do fantastic work from the ground up, getting children from all walks of life to take part in sports to help set them on the right path.

This charity is fantastic, the simple philosophy of getting young people involved in (all) sports can have so many positive effects, the list is really endless, but just a few are listed below:

1. Solid foundation for Physical and Mental Well-being.
2. Build strong character.
3. Vital life skills such as problem solving and teamwork and leadership.
4. Realise potential to take sports to a professional level.
5. Reduce crime.

I personally know some of the people that work for Access Sport, and seeing the work they do gives you a real sense that the money raised is being put to good and efficient use. This was the deciding factor when choosing which organisation to support.

Jailbreak 2018

Gooooooood day everyone, I would like to request on the behalf of myself (Cameron Cook) and Dai (David Treharne) that you support us (Modern day Robin Hoods) in our country-scale 'backdoor'.

Who are we?

Dai - 5ft 12 inches, will most likely name his children 'drum' and 'bass', full of bright ideas, curls to die for, can be found in long grass (like a pokemon)

Cam - 7 and a 1/2 inches on a good day, bloody-good-looking, blind (but has glasses), about strong as your average plastic fork, partial to a beer.

On March 3rd-4th we're going to slyly dip out of the UK without spending any money. We will rely on the kindness of strangers to provide us with travel, food and banter.

The idea is to get as far as possible from Bristol in 36 hours, hitchhiking, sweet-talking and plane-riding (if we're lucky).

Dai is pretty handy with a GoPro and has some serious equipment to document where we can get to and how we can get there. With him behind the camera and Cam infront you can be sure that your eyes will be blessed with the charming, chiselled, and aesthetically pleasing features that, if you know Cam, are completely false.

However, I think this will be a lot of fun and its for charity folks.

Be sure to add us on Facebook to see it uploaded when we're back.

We have absolute confidence that we can provide a lot of laughs for you, raise a lot of really important funds for a good cause, and win the challenge against the rest of the students at the University of the West of England.

Stay cute x


Cameron Cook