Thank you to everyone in the video gaming and interactive entertainment industry that voted for Access Sport. This year's GamesAid funding will allow us to enable more young people like Aslan to change their life using the incredible power of BMX cycling.

We plan to use the donated funds to help thousands more young people like Aslan over the next year.

Our BMX programme teaches young people to cycle but that is only the start – by adding in modules including bike mechanics, personal development and young leader qualifications, we use the programme to take young people on a journey that supports their long-term education and life prospects. We target young people from the most deprived postcode areas and engage extremely high numbers of young people at risk of exclusion from school, young people growing up in poverty and those with disabilities.  

We have supported thousands of young people in London to date and we are now expanding into Bristol, with Manchester, Oxford and Sheffield next on our target list - the GamesAid funding will help turn this growth into reality. We are also looking forward to welcoming volunteers from local gaming firms in those cities who want to come and help out and try a BMX ride!

This year's voting is now closed, but you can still register to become a GamesAid member. If you're not signed up it only takes a minute and you can do so here:

To find out more please contact Julian:
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