New All-Wheeled Bike Park Development - Hillsborough, Sheffield

With the exciting news of a new All Wheeled Park being developed in Hillsborough Park, Sheffield soon, we want to start to bring together a group of individuals, organisations and anyone else who is interested in making the most of this open access cycling facility. 

Cycling has an exciting role to play in improving health, air quality and congestion, and making urban areas more attractive, liveable and cohesive. We believe that movement, physical activity and sport can enhance and support people’s health and wellbeing, as well as contributing to more active, united and stronger communities. Cycling and off-road facilities can be enjoyed by everyone - and confidence on a bike can lead to a lifetime of cycling, fun and freedom as well as providing a multitude of physical, mental, social and environmental benefits.  

The site build will start in January and will open later in 2022 and is located in Hillsborough Park, Parkside Rd, Sheffield, S6 2AB. The track will be designed for “all wheels” including mountain bikes, scooters, BMX’s, skateboards and in line skates. The track will be unfenced, with open access, and therefore free for all to use. There will also be a container on site, to store community equipment. We hope this facility will provide the local community with an exciting place to learn to ride and to increase cycling confidence! 

Please see below a sketch design of Hillsborough Bike Park and an example facility.

Through this group of interested local people, we want to support the development of services at Hillsborough Bike Hub to become a thriving community cycling facility providing opportunities for all – whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, ability, disability, social background or cycling confidence level as well as support the establishment of the site’s community bike club. 

Please let us know if you are interested in joining this group through completing this very short form.

For progress on the Hillsborough Bike Hub, please keep an eye on the Hillsborough Bike Hub Facebook page alternatively you can contact [email protected].