And we won’t stop until 14th December! This year we’re more excited than ever because, for the first time, you can live stream for Access Sport or donate to receive the Jingle Jam Games Collection!

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Support Access Sport this Christmas and receive incredible video games collection

Access Sport is thrilled to once again be one of the official charity partners to the Jingle Jam, the world's biggest online charity gaming event. This year we're raising funds to help 2,000 young people transform their mental health using our ground-breaking BMX programme, all across the UK.

Donate to Access Sport and receive the incredible Jingle Jam Games Collection!

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This year is the Jingle Jam's 10th anniversary and to celebrate, everyone can take part in the world’s biggest charity games event - however big your channel. If you’re a streamer and you want to get involved with the festive fundraising - we’ve got some handy tips and assets in the Official Jingle Jam 2021 Toolkit*.

Thank you for your support! 

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What Jingle Jam donations will fund

This year, Jingle Jam funding will support Access Sport’s ground-breaking BMX programme, transforming the mental health of 2000 young people.

Mental health issues among young people are rising sharply[1], along with obesity and inactivity, and the situation is even more acute following the pandemic. We believe that getting young people cycling is hugely important because it makes a proven difference to mental wellbeing and confidence levels, physical health and let’s not forget local communities and the planet by cutting fossil fuel pollution.


How we will achieve this

As soon as we receive Jingle Jam funding, we plan to get stuck in and start work straight away on:

  • Running hundreds more weekly coaching sessions for schools across London, Bristol and Manchester
  • Training multiple new volunteer BMX coaches across our growing national network of over 50 BMX clubs
  • Funding additional bikes, helmets, gloves and other equipment where it is most needed.

We believe that BMX appeals to young people because it is expressive, empowering, fun and social – attributes that it shares with video games!

[1] Rates of probable mental disorder increased between 2017 and 2021; in 6 to 16 year olds from one in nine (11.6%) to one in six (17.4%), and in 17 to 19 year olds from one in ten (10.1%) to one in six (17.4%). - Mental Health of Children and Young People in England 2021 - wave 2 follow up to the 2017 survey



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A huge thank you...

from all at Access Sport to everyone in the games community that makes this possible – especially the publishers and developers who donate games to the bundle and of course to Yogscast & Fourth Floor for driving such an incredible event!



Jingle Jam is recognised as the world’s biggest charity gaming event. Since 2011 it has raised $20m for 20 different charities. Organised and hosted entirely by volunteers, in the first week of December last year was the biggest channel on Twitch. The opening three-hour stream of Jingle Cats was watched by over 1m unique viewers and the event is featured heavily on the Yogscast YouTube network and social media platforms with tens of millions of subscribers. The Jingle Jam launches at 5pm (UK time) on Wednesday 1st December and ends at midnight (UK time) on Tuesday 14th December.
To find out more visit the Jingle Jam Webpage.