Paul is the father of a daughter aged 12 and boy-girl twins aged nine. His son was born with a rare genetic condition, which means that he is a wheelchair user, non-verbal, JEJ fed and has complex epilepsy.

Paul has a PhD in High Energy Physics and has used the skills he developed exploring why the universe has more matter than antimatter to help clients in sectors as diverse as Sport, Energy, Credit Risk, and Litigation Finance. Most of Paul's career has been working in professional sports analytics, helping clubs with player recruitment, and he also helped to develop part of the Premier League's Elite Player Performance Plan.

Paul grew up in Lewisham and still regularly visits the area so he has firsthand experience of the challenges faced by the communities Access Sport works with. Combined with his experiences as a father of a severely disabled son, he appreciates that the simple things that the majority take for granted, like access to the benefits of participation in sports, can have barriers that simply should not exist. He's thrilled to help Access Sport remove the causes of those barriers.

Paul Jackson, Linkedin