Disabled young people and those from deprived backgrounds have poorer life chances than their peers

Millions of young people feel isolated, face mental health issues, struggle at school or are unemployed. Very often these young people have little or no access to sport or physical activity, and yet sport and physical activity can bring transformational benefits to their lives as well as those of their families and carers.

And this was before the Coronavirus crisis struck.

During the Coronavirus lockdown our experience has been that many of those who were already vulnerable and isolated are even more so than before.

Along with our community sports clubs, we have been doing everything we can to continue to support them.

One of the positives that has come through the crisis has been the sense of community and volunteering that has seen so many come forward to help the more vulnerable in society.

We believe it is imperative that this is taken forward beyond the crisis, and that when we go back to ‘the new normal’ we do not go back to neglecting those who are vulnerable, for instance by excluding them from sport and physical activity. We need to be ready to hit the ground running, with our existing community sports clubs ready to start immediately and a pipeline of newly inclusive clubs on the way as soon as possible.

A fully inclusive local community sports club can motivate and engage all hard-to-reach young people.

It can boost health and mental wellbeing, reduce isolation, improve focus at school and give confidence and motivation to succeed.
From BMX and boccia to football, cricket, rugby and hockey, we will work with local clubs across a wide variety of sports to appeal to young people’s passions and interests. We will give local sports clubs the confidence, training and resources to open their doors to everyone, no matter their ability or background.

Right now, we are supporting over 6,000 disabled and disadvantaged young people across the UK, but with your support we can reach many more.

Donate now and help us raise £100,000 to develop 20 more inclusive community sports clubs across the UK. By supporting our Appeal, you will be helping us reach thousands of disabled and disadvantaged young people, their families and their carers, enabling them to experience the transformative benefits of community sport.

You will also be joining the Movement to make inclusion the norm in sport. #LevellingThePlayingField #InclusiveSportingNation

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