"I would say it is a brilliant course to do. Doing this would make a brilliant future for yourself."
 - Joe, Young Leader

Joe often finds it difficult to maintain focus during lessons and can struggle to regulate his emotions which can make him react negatively. Joe is 14 and completed our Young Leaders course this year.

We have seen a huge transformation!

During the course, Joe increasingly developed his communication skills and started to put in place behaviours to regulate his emotions, such as taking himself away from the group when he felt overwhelmed. Joe also thrived when delivering sports sessions and now has a keen interest in a career in sports.

Joe said:

“I would say that since we started I have improved on a few things. But I would also say it is a brilliant course to do. Doing this would make a brilliant future for yourself”.

On completion of the course, we have set Joe up with several opportunities to gain coaching qualifications. He is now considering working in climbing, basketball and even football refereeing. Joe also plans to undertake a placement either with Access Sport or with one of our partners in sports media.

Alex, Young Leaders Academy Manager, said:

“The Young Leaders course was really positive for Joe's development. He started the course struggling to stay engaged, but by the end, Joe took a leading role in the group. Joe showed great leadership skills in his delivery of the games and is a fantastic example of the benefits this course can provide”.

Image: Young Leader’s Academy session hosted by Nuffield Health at MIHP.