“Luna was very excited when she saw the frames, she couldn't wait to get her helmet on and give it a go.”

Sport England’s Active Lives Survey shows disabled people are almost twice as likely to be physically inactive, 43 percent, compared to those without a disability, 23 percent1. There are still fewer inclusive sports sessions for disabled people, particularly sessions where families can participate together.

Frame running is an athletics discipline governed by England Athletics. This adapted sport is designed for children and adults who use mobility aids for support and balance. A frame runner is a three-wheeled frame that supports the athlete with a saddle and body plate. The athlete propels themselves by pushing against the frame with their feet while steering with their hands and/or arms.

Frame running is an incredibly inclusive sport that allows people with varying abilities and support requirements to participate. It is a fantastic way to enhance overall fitness, strength and physical and emotional well-being.

Access Sport has previously set up frame running sessions in Waltham Forest and Kingston. However, disabled young people in East London were missing out on the benefits of this amazing sport as they didn’t have a club local to them.

To address this gap, we have supported Greenwich Leisure Ltd and the Royal Borough of Greenwich Council in setting up frame-running sessions in Sutcliffe Park. To get the sessions kick-started we applied for funding from HSBC’s community fund to cover the cost of a new storage unit, frame runners and additional equipment. We also recruited and trained a team of volunteers to set up a volunteer-led frame running club around these new sessions.

By regularly bringing together disabled young people and their families from across East London, these new sessions will create a real sense of belonging for participants and their families. This club will now exist for the foreseeable future, providing local disabled young people with the joy of frame running.

A parent said:

“Our daughter Luna was very excited when she saw the frames, she couldn't wait to get her helmet on and give it a go. She got the hang of it very quickly and enjoyed the freedom of pacing down the tracks racing mummy, daddy and her little sister Poppy.”


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