Dragon Tang Soo Do is an association with clubs in South Gloucestershire, as well as Brislington, Portishead and Bournemouth. It teaches a traditional Korean Martial Arts which focuses on self-defence, fighting and weapons, but most importantly helps people to live a healthy and harmonious life. 

The Severn Beach Dragon Tang Soo Do Club got in touch with Access Sport after deciding to hold a competition and donate the proceeds to charity. Their club embraces a truly inclusive ethos with students of all abilities and we were very happy, not only to be their chosen charity but also to be introduced to the wonderful sports offering they are providing for all young people in the area. 

We've got students that have a variety of skills and abilities, all as wonderful as the next!
 - Georgina Hilton, Dragon Tang Soo Do Instructor


We would like to say a huge thank you to the club and all the fantastic young participants that competed on the day.

We believe that all young people should benefit from sport not only to improve their health and wellbeing, but also their personal development and life prospects. The money you raised will help us reach more disadvantaged and disabled young people by providing new sporting sessions and equipment for all. 


Thank you Dragon Tang Soo Do!