To celebrate the success of Team GB BMX at the Olympics, Access Sport is offering clubs a £500 grant to put on open days so more people can try BMX. And to encourage more girls to start riding, Access Sport is also offering £500 to clubs to run sessions for girls.

We recently wrote about the BMX Olympic success and the importance of investing in grassroots cycling in order to capitalise on the feel-good factor about sport. Since then, Sport England’s Director of Sport, Phil Smith has written an opinion piece for iNews that echoes similar sentiments about affordable local opportunities. 

We’ve been working hard with our partners to provide safe, exciting and local places where people of all ages and abilities can build the skills, confidence and a love of cycling to last a lifetime. And with renewed interest in BMX, we want even more young people to experience the thrill of BMX. Here’s what we’re doing….

BMX Unlocked

To celebrate the easing of lockdown restrictions and the Olympic medals won by Bethany Shriever, Kye Whyte, Charlotte Worthington and Declan Brooks we’re offering small grants of £500 for clubs – especially those serving deprived areas – to run open days that enable thousands of beginners to try out BMX.

This is a great chance for clubs to open their tracks up to the public or promote the club to a new audience. Contact [email protected] if your club would like to get involved too!

Girls’ BMX

At most BMX clubs, there are more male riders than there are females. With Team GB’s two BMX Gold medals won by inspirational women, there’s a unique opportunity to inspire more girls to get involved and we’re keen to work with clubs to close this gender gap.

As well as promoting more opportunities, we believe it’s important to understand what’s been preventing more girls getting involved. With greater awareness we can all do more to make clubs welcoming and enjoyable places for girls. First impressions count.

We’re offering BMX clubs small grants of £500 towards:

  • Women and girls inclusion training,
  • The delivery of girls only sessions or female friendly sessions, or;
  • Training for female coaches, volunteers and young leaders.

If your club wants to be part of positive scene for young women and girls, please get in touch with [email protected].

Join the Making Trax National Network

The Making Trax Network supports bike clubs that want to serve the whole community. We provide support for clubs to be more diverse and inclusive.

We start by helping Network members understand their local population and how the club membership compares to this. From there we help understand the reasons why people may not feel welcome or included and then take proactive steps to remove these barriers.

In essence, we lead clubs on a journey from “Anyone is welcome” to “Yeah, this is how we welcome everyone!” Together we’ll make sure nobody gets left behind. You can get in touch with the Making Trax Network Manager by email here