To kick-start a collaboration between Access Sport and the Cycle Speedway Commission we're offering £200 grants to help clubs attract new riders and make sure no child gets left behind.

Born on the bombsites of post war Europe, cycle speedway tracks are among the simplest of cycling facilities. Tracks are 70-90 metres in length, with enough width for four riders to race shoulder-to-shoulder. Speedway is an almost solely club-run sport, with clubs building and maintaining their own venues. Many of the 28 active clubs serve less affluent neighbourhoods and offer community cycling in a sociable environment.

Like BMX, Cycle Speedway is accessible, affordable, family-oriented and takes place at clubs based at safe off-road facilities. We believe these clubs have significant potential to make cycling exciting and relevant to new riders. Which is why, thanks to the support of the London Marathon Charitable Trust, we’re delighted to offer £200 club grants to clubs that share our belief that every child should have: 

  1. Access to a bike
  2. The skills and confidence to use it
  3. Somewhere safe and exciting to ride with other people

Grants are available to clubs looking to welcome new riders, especially people who typically face barriers to cycling – such as women and girls, disabled young people, lower socio-economic groups, as well as a diversity of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The start-up grants would be ideal for running open-track days for beginners, taster sessions aimed at specific population groups or covering costs for a simple pilot project.


Andy James, the National Network Manager at Access Sport said

Access Sport is thrilled to be supporting Cycle Speedway clubs. We hope these small grants enable clubs to welcome new riders or volunteers, and kick-start conversations about what more we can do achieve shared aims in the future.

The collaboration comes about following the delivery of Wingz - disability inclusive cycling - at Astley & Tyldesley Cycling Club in Greater Manchester last year and club’s belief that together with other speedway clubs we can grow the discipline and transform hundreds of young lives at the same time. This will be especially valuable for children and families who’re having a tough time off the back of the pandemic.

Mike Hack, Cycle Speedway Commission Chair, said

This is a great opportunity for cycle speedway clubs to team up with Access Sport. Clubs can kick start their return from Covid restrictions by recruiting new riders and volunteers, by holding inclusive taster sessions aimed at welcoming all sectors of the community.

Apply for a grant

If your cycle speedway club is interested in applying for a small grant please get in touch with [email protected] with a bit of club background and a short summary about how you’d use a small grant. We hope these small grants will kick-start some broader conversations about club inclusion and lead to longer-term collaborations too. Please email to get the wheels in motion.

Please note there’s a limited sum of money available – so applications will close once this has all been allocated. This will happen no later than March 24th 2022. 

Find out more about Cycle Speedway and the London Marathon Charitable Trust:

 Click to visit the London Marathon Charitable Trust website             Click to visit the Cycle Speedway website