Access Sport supported the fourth annual Bristol Inclusive Climbing Festival. BIC Fest is an accessible two day climbing event that seeks to introduce climbing to disabled people or to those who find it difficult accessing sport. Held at partners Redpoint Climbing Centre and The Climbing Academy (TCA), the event engaged over 100 participants with various disabilities joining in with inclusive climbing and skill developing activities.

Access Sport helped support the BIC event by delivering fun activities that tested participants' balance, memory and sensory receptors. All the skills that the activities provided could be transferred onto the climbing wall, which helped with the development and confidence. Access Sport also supplied t-shirts and wristbands for all participants that not only gave them more motivation to have a try at climbing, but gave them a sense of achievement so they could be proud of their accomplishments, and helped them feel part of something before trying the sport itself.

The support from the volunteers from IDID (an inclusive climbing club, supported by Access Sport) and members of staff helped create a fun and inclusive event that saw enthusiasm from participants across the whole day. Many individuals really pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and parents noted how their children gained a lot from the BIC Fest.

We saw BIC fest advertised on social media and thought we would come and give it a go. I’m always looking for new things for my son to try as he loves being active. He has had a brilliant day and with the help of the staff has managed to get climbing and has had a smile on his face all day

Parent, BIC Fest 2017

 One volunteer who demonstrates the success of events like BIC Fest is a young amputee called Tom (top). Last year is where Tom’s journey began, in May 2016 Tom attended the BIC Festival for the very first time and since then he hasn’t looked back, returning every week to climbing.  With his love for the sport, Tom has become a bigger part of a team by volunteering at IDID climbing, and has joined the Access Sport youth panel in Bristol to help empower young, disabled people through sport. The BIC Fest was a huge success.

For more information about IDID Climbing please contact [email protected]